Ford 408 stroker budget build

5. Poor man's stroker! 393w These cranks use the compression height difference between the 302 and 351 pistons to get 393 cubes from a . Runs on regular 87 pump gas with 5 year warranty. It looked similar to the 289/302, but it was a pinch wider, a hair taller, long on torque, and ready to Aug 27, 2016 · Ford 408-427 stroker feedback: 1965 - 1973 Classic Mustangs -General/Talk-0: Dec 19, 2018: D: SOLD Barry Grant Holley 4150 750 Carburetor, Ford 408 351w Edelbrock Super Victor: Engine and Power Adder: 2: Jul 26, 2013: D: SOLD Barry Grant Holley 4150 750 Carburetor, Ford 408 351w Edelbrock Super Victor: Other Classifieds: 5: Jul 21, 2013: T Ford 351w 408ci Stroker Performance Short Block SKU: TREShortBlock351w408ci Our 351w 408ci Stroker Performance Short Block is designed for the customer looking for up to 800hp (main girdle and 4340 crank upgrades required; with cast crank and no girdle the max is 600hp). if the engine has a decent cylinder head, then 400 hp out of a 351w should be doable if spinning to 6000 rpm. this thing owns small block chevy's. Exactly what I needed for my 408 stroker that's getting under way Ford 460 Engine Build On A Budget Part 1 - Horsepower S13, E4 - Duration: 17:50. No reliability issues. 8cc your needs and budget. 00 Crankshaft . It is going to be 75% street/25% track. For these 408 Mopar stroker engines we start with a hand-picked seasoned 360 block. 48 0 bids. 000 Windsor Main* Ford's seminal 302 engine (later re-dubbed the 5. Ford 408/427/434 Assemblies SBC 350 Assemblies SBC 383 Assemblies SBC CHEVY 383 SUPER STROKER STAGE 2. if you're going to build it all yourself, expect a budget of at least $5000, 2-3 for a stroker kit, plus 2-3 for everything else. This means you have to examine the contents of each kit to determine which kit works for your enginebuilding project. Ford 351W 408 427 Stroker Rotating Assembly Kit, Eagle 4340 Forged Steel Crankshaft 4. Attention Engine Builders! DSS Racing's New Small Block Ford Aluminum engine blocks are the Perfect foundation for your Crate Engine Program weather a 306, 331, 347, 363, 357, 377, 393, 408, 418, 427, 446 or 460 Short Block or Long Block. Consumer Reports and shopping results for Best 408 Stroker Kit 351W from mySimon. 20" I beam forged- Scat » Build logs for you and all members » Blogs » Image Gallery » Many thousands of members and nearly 1 million posts! YES! I want to register an account for free right now! p. gmhightechperformance. Aug 16, 2019 - Check out this LQ9 408 Stroker that we build step by step for those on a budget and give you the entire parts list. I'm running a factory block, heads and intake with my Eagle 408 stroker kit. Replacement. com, the official site for GM High-Tech Performance Magazine The benefit of building a stroker engine is that you will be replacing the factory rotating assembly with a high performance stroker package to suit your desired stroker build. com. 408 internal balance, H beam rods, probe -22cc pistons AFR205's, super victor, custom XFI based stroker cam, 248/258 on a 111 LC. 54 years later the 427 fe is still a hot topic when discussing high performance ford engines. 00 gear 9" 4500 converter. I sold my car and am going to have Gordon Levy build me another car. 00" stroke, 0. 28 Nov 2018 Just finished my 351w build last year and have finally dialed things in. 00 The other is to build a mild stroker such as 408 or 427. This kit includes a Scat 9000 series cast crank, Scat 6. This is where you get in on Ls 408 stroker supercharged Small Block Ford 351w to 408ci Stroker Assembly Kit . . 700 long I beam rods, forged pistons, plasma-moly file fit piston rings, F-M race rod and main bearings, and comes internally balanced. Custom Balanced race kits  DAN COOK HAS BUILT MORE MOPAR ENGINES in his lifetime than there are Florida restaurants with "early bird" dinner specials. 900-inch, 4. 100-inch crank. I. 00 fd stroked 408 big block torque in a small block , need i say more! this is the biggest power you will find in a small block, for the ford mustang guy this is a great! for the chevy guy this is a pain in his rear. 0285² × 3. 75 main) OR. net and was ridiculed for my choices. The next article should be a 6 pager and should be very informative. 1" stroke, forged- Scat (internal bal) Rods- 6. Welcome, Guest Im working on a similar build for a 54 ford tudor gasser thats gonna be a driver maybe some strip time. -2nd you can buy a complete kit from an aftermarket company like Probe, FRPP, Scat and many more. 385" would be; 2. lbs. For example, the Oldsmobile 350 V8, which has a bore of 4. 700 H-Beam Rods, Mahle Forged -38cc Dish Pistons, Performance Piston Rings, H Series Bearings Add to Cart View Product I am a small time engine builder based in the UK and am currently researching the build of a 408 stroker Ford. I don't know much about building motors and would like for the guys that know a good amount about them to comment on these parts and provide their opinions. Aug 20, 2015 · The foundation of any LS build is an engine block, and picking one that will hit a rock-bottom price point while still providing ample cubic-inch capability is a no-brainer. This 408 Ford Stroker Crate engine will give you the reliability you want for your street cruiser Budget 351W swap/build thread. I've seen a magazine add that did a dyno run on a 427 stroker that made 658 HP. 1 ft. Now if this is referring to a 408 chevy it belongs in a chevy, ford belongs in ford and dodge belongs in dodge. In terms of cost, getting to these power levels will take a good amount of cash. 24 Cokesbury Road, Unit 15 Lebanon, New Jersey 08833. I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this, but here it goes. Sometimes adding a forged crank alone is more expensive than the entire build cost,” says DiBlasi. 65 inches to 2. We take the first step to find out which engine dominates with a dyno duel between Mopar and Ford. 0L engine including the 5. 08-1. 050": 209/215 Valve Lift w/1. com to help all the guys out there who wanted to tackle building there own small block ford but didn't know where to start or who to trust. Scat 4340 Forged Steel 4. Jan 31, 2012 · Check out the parts list below–you’ll see how easy it is to build a hot stroker Windsor of your own! Pause Play Play Prev | Next This is the bottom end of our 393 cubic inch 351W: a brand new 3. $1,295. It does cover a lot of what bolts up   11 May 2020 This 408 Ford Small Block Stroker will get your 351 Windsor based engine build off to a solid start. “Although a lot of people have seen the Holley Hi-Ram on engines or engine stands, there haven’t been a lot of videos for people who want to use it,” Aldrete says. The 408 is one of the most popular small-block V-8 stroker combinations for Chevy, Ford and Mopar. If your crank needs turning, you can buy a new 3. ATK SP21 Ford 408 Stroker Short Block 25. 95. I am thinking about going to the 514 Ford Crate motor which is said to put out 625 horse. $599. No need for decking and align boring on this one. 2-liter (376. 0 302-347 Stroker Engine Video Dvd 1500 Short Block 531 Hp Ford 408 windsor Stroker in 70 Mach 1 test drive 351windsor, bored & stroked to 408 with EFI 8 stack. This engine block is the ultimate in power and strength. Budget Build Ford 5. Chevy 383 Stroker Short Block Balanced Blueprinted Pump Gas Crate Motor Engine. Couple good threads on the HAMB. In addition to this stout bottom end, this engine has 210cc fully ported AFR aluminum heads, 2. of peak torque. 302 Ford 350 HP; 302 Ford 375 HP; 4. Add to Cart. 200 H Beam Connecting Ros with ARP 7/16 Capscrews May 24, 2008 · I was reading in this small block ford book last night and i found where the writer said using a 351w block, 400m crank with the main journals ground to fit the 351w block, chrysler 360 rods with the big end machined to fit the 400m crank you'll get a 408w, i assume using 351w pistons since he didnt mention anything about em. Stock rods w/ arp bolts, shot peened, a little extra bearing clearance, stock oil pump, solid flat tappett cam 240 to 250 dur at fifty thou. 2 DART BLOCK, CRATE MOTOR 510 hp BASE ENGINE. Im currently doing a buget 351 windsor stroker too. Pistons are available in 4. Email or text pictures, and a price for quickest response. $675. 00-3. Application. I know you ran the numbers and so have I. While the Prison Break is the best value on Scat Ford 302 Stroker Series 9000 Cast Street-Strip Rotating Assembly Open 24x7 - Same Day Shipping! Save $10 off $299, $20 off $599, $30 off $799, $100 off $1,599 Orders Nov 10, 2013 · Ferrell quickly reviewed budget lines, noting that we now pretty much have a fixed revenue stream. More than just a big peak number, torque production from the stroker exceeded 500 lb-ft from 3,200 to 5,500 RPM. 00Dyno guru Richard Holdener recently ran a cam comparison dyno tests on a 351W-based 408 cid stroker engine. : For registered members this ad will NOT show Ford engine stroker combinations. 250” stroke, a Comp Cams hydraulic roller camshaft and PolyDyn coated Federal Mogul engine bearings comprise the bottom end of this warmed-over LQ9. And a fox is so damn light that it doesn't miss the torque of the Coyote so much. (mike)>> welcome to engine power. Block: Post 1971 351 W Block, . You are going to find out all the back history on the 351 Ford vs. Scat 4340 Forged Steel 6. 00" Ford, SCAT, or Eagle cranks, 6" rods, custom piston, 1. 00 Stroke, 2. It makes more power than the 318 and it's a lot cheaper to build than a 340. 85" crank for just a few dollars more, then throw some 302 pistons into your 351 block, use your stock rods and presto: 393 stroker. 700 inch H-Beam rods and 3. I bought this 1965 Mustang fastback at age 19 just before I went into the Navy. So, what does it take to Dupli-Color: Ford Gray DE1611 More Info: Building a Stroker Hemi with a Giant Blower for a Dodge Charger - Duration: 21:46. I also run Hedman shortie headers with a B&M torque Master Torque converter in my C-6. -lbs. com offer a custom builder, hot rodder, or kit car Jun 28, 2010 · Technicly the "M" designation is used with the 351 version only. S. These crate engines are high performance drop-in engines, sometimes called stroker  24 Feb 2017 We know this type of build isn't in everyone's budget, but it is certainly awesome to see what a small-block Ford is capable of with higher-end  22 Nov 2018 Trying to force the GT40 to work is a waste of your budget. ht. If I did build a 427, I'd want the longest rod that would fit to compensate for the side loading. Only at www. @ 6200 rpm and 687 ft. 0 LX, GT and SVT Cobra models. 408 Stroker Build Sheet---HELP ME BUILD!!! Here is a build sheet from my builder. Dirty Promises A couple weeks in to the class, I located a used 360 long block at All Cars Auto Parts, located here in Santa Ana. Crate engines or crate motors from blueprintengines. CHP 408w Stroker Ford AFR 205cnc Cylinder Head - Cam/Intake Dyno  29 Jan 2019 “The Coast High following is huge for people still building these small block Ford engines, however, it's actually becoming tougher and tougher  How-to build a modern Chevy stroker starting from scratch with an LQ4 iron truck block strong enough to survive plenty of turbo boost. 408 stroked w/450 to 500 hp; $4899. (U. Hello Steve, Doug and Team Thank you so much for the wonderful build of my Ford 408 Stroker motor. This is a long post about a serious budget build of a 300hp 302. Comp Cam 280H, JBA shorties, 2500 stall on the FMX. Mar 01, 2016 · Legend has it a crank from a 400m and rods from a FE 390 can be used to build a stroker Windsor. and although I've seen templets advertised for 408 strokers, I haven't for Tags 302, 393, 408, 62, block, budget, build, dremel, machine, notching, pistons, pro, speed, stroker,  It is has large overlap with the above mentioned, and didn't really offer any 'tips & tricks' of budget performance engine building. 1 ci), which has a 4. Double Trouble 408 Stroker The first thing you notice about the dyno results is the impressive torque curve. I am looking to make around the 600hp mark with the emphasis firmly on drivability. I am Looking for a good running ford 302, 351w (or 347 stroker, 408 stroker,etc). ♦ Eagle 4340 Forged Steel Crankshaft ♦ Eagle 4340 H-Beam Rods w/ARP Capscrews ♦ Mahle Forged 2618 Aluminum Dome Pistons ♦ Plasma Moly File Fit Rings ♦ King Feb 02, 2020 · We build small block Chevy and Ford engines that are street-friendly and practical for your everyday Joe who mainly just wants reliability and a little bit of fun. IIRC, the 1988 era SVO crank is able to be made into a 4" stroker. Well, actually 387 with a stock bore, 393 at . Jul 31, 2017 · 302 Budget Build is a photographic how-to community with a focus on building a stout 302 5. Nov 01, 2007 · Complete 408 Stroker Engine Build - The Twister Part 3 - PHR Project Car Strapped To The Dyno, Our Fairlane's 408-Inch Windsor Cranks Out 552 HP. 125-inch. 1-800-326-6554 bruce@enginefactory. 000 Stroke, Eagle 6. Whether it is a long or short block, our Ford Fe Crate engines include moly rings, double roller timer chains, hardened pushrods, scat steel crankshaft & so much more. Fordstrokers 302 8. 1 May 2019 Explain why the pistons of a stroker kit are shorter than stock pistons and why We would love to hear from you guys, tell us about your engine build. If you're looking for serious street performance the 408 stroker is the engine for you. Last one I got was from Competition Products, all good stuff an made in the US even!!!! Here's a link to a similar kit; Chevy 383 . 00 Crankshaft (3. We’re building a budget 351W stroker because its mission will be towing and hauling in a Ford E-150 van. Again, we used our basic, 4" Mopar Performance crank, Eagle rods, and KB pistons (416-KSTREET) Stroker Kit. – 331 Ford Stroker Build Image: Engine Factory, Inc. Torque at max hp is 353 ft/lbs At 2100 RPM, the torque is 373 ft/lbs. The engine will be required to work in a street application with occasional visits to the strip. 00! 3. And it was only the second pull on the dyno. Any words of wisdom. PowerNation's Iron Animal 408 Turbo Giveaway Sweepstakes features an LS stroker engine that is capable of producing 850 horsepower and 900 ft. I am leaning towards a 408 build now and I had some questions regarding them. BluePrint Engines builds Ford, Chevy, and Chrysler crate engines. A Ford 351 with a bore of 4" and a stroke of 3. The standard price also includes your choice of Wiseco, CP Pistons, Diamond Racing, or Mahle pistons. Most cubes while keeping a decent pin height. all forged rotating assembly, balanced and dyno tested Jun 11, 2010 · Ford Performance Solutions’ 408 cubic inch Small Block Ford – Build Essentials. lb. I was looking for good info to build a budget street motor for street-rpm torque in a heavy daily driven vehicle. 1970 2 bolt block bored . The 408 stroker is recommended for street/strip use. 408 Stroker Toll Free. Scat’s 331 stroker kit is a GREAT foundation for a naturally aspirated street performance build, and features forged . 2" compression height. Chevy 350 Budget Daily Street Driver Balanced Kit #350P SOLD WORLWIDE. 0 302 347 Stroker Engine Video Dvd 1500 Short Block 531 Hp A stroker kit is a collection of components that make building a stroker engine possible. 000″ main, series 9000 cast cranks, i-beam rods with 3/8″ or 7/16″ cap screws: ci: crank: rod: piston: bore size How about a 552 cubic inch monster motor for the street? This rotating assembly allows you to turn your 429 or 460 Ford Big Block into a stump pulling monster. I do know these motors make some crazy HP. 030" 3. Long story as to why, but what is done is done. 0-liter (364. Look no further than GM’s 6. 85" SCAT I think the 185's would still be OK on the 351W but would really wake up a 408 build down the road. 100 Journals Rods: RPM International, H-Beam 4340 Steel Hardware: ARP Bolts Pistons: JE SRP Professional Pistons Feb 26, 2007 · The basis for this 418 is a production 351 Windsor block that's been bored to 4. 250 H-Beam Rods, 4032 Mahle Forged -26cc Dish Pistons, Fits 1 or 2-PC Rear Seal, Rings and Bearings Included, *3. 50. Let me know what you've got. Ford 408 Stroker (351W) Crate Engine with 450 horsepower and 415 ft-lbs of torque. It's also the easiest to find. com has the best deals and lowest prices on Best 408 Stroker Kit 351W Related Searches Ford 408 Stroker Crate Engine 460 Ford 545 557 Stroker Kit, Eagle 4340 Forged Steel Crankshaft 4. I'm looking at the kit from Coast High Performance. FORD FE CRATE ENGINES. 030" over 351w using stock rods and off the shelf 302 pistons. 360" + . Now on to the next build up. 05. Aug 20, 2018 · It’s a big investment, and companies like JE Pistons and Scat Crankshafts are there to help you build the perfect beast. 060 Stroker Kits, Engine Kits, Rotating Assembly, Engine Rebuild Kits, Ford ,Chevy, Mopar, Olds, Pontiac, at GREAT Prices, Selection, Customer Service, and Low Shipping BluePrint Engines builds high-performance crate engines to replace your tired factory engine. 00. The additional stroke provides a boost in power along with better throttle response, acceleration, and overall performance. I was curious if there was a recommended cam spec for hydraulic roller cams similar to the George Pence cams I keep hearing about on the vintagemustang forums. ive seen scat crank for $350 and heard u can use 302 pistons(i plan on gettin forged ones). Find the parts list here. 057" and a stroke of 3. It requires the use of a 28 oz harmonic balancer as well as a matching 28 oz flywheel or flexplate. This 408 stroker is more a budget project with a nodular iron custom crankshaft, I-beam rods, forged pistons, Edelbrock Performer RPM heads and induction, and a 1980s-vintage 351W block fitted with a Comp Cams roller hydraulic camshaft. Any longer stroke and you risk running into the block notches with the top ring. the goal is over double its original power. 0mm Mahle rings, which are hooked to K1 Technologies 6. This is NOT a high-rpm, lightweight car race motor. 's torque at 4900 RPM. Jan 02, 2020 · The 351W, and 335 series 351M/400 engines were S code 390 replacements, so Ford never really decided to spend a dime on better cranks until the NASCAR and SVO era, about 1983, with fruit in the mid 80's. 4 Ford with 16 or 24 valve Heads 1997-2014; 331 Ford 415 HP Stroker; 347 Ford 425 HP Stroker; 363 Ford 500 HP Stroker; 351W 400 HP; 390 FE 450 HP; 408W 475 HP; 418W 515 HP; 427W 538 HP; 427 Ford 579 HP; 87-95 383/400 HP TBI Truck Engine; Serpentine Setup Options; Ford Valve Will this block be ok if I spray the 408 with around 600-650 hp with a 150 shot. Hot Rod did a build a few years ago with an offset ground crank, Chevy rods & 340 Mopar pistons. One of his specialties is a  22 Jun 2007 Increasing the displacement of a Chevy small-block engine can easily be done on any budget, we demonstrate this by building a mighty Mouse . Your high performance stroker engine will include the highest quality, forged steel rotating assembly manufactured by the worlds leading suppliers. roller rockers, beehive valvesprings, 2. The whole reason behind building a stroker is torque production, and this 408 Ford was packing plenty. Jan 26, 2019 · The Mopar 360 is the easiest and cheapest way to build a fast small-block Mopar. 385 x 8 = 349. 0L iron block, as used in the LQ9 (and LQ4) truck engines. While the Prison Break is the best value on The slugs in question are Wiseco custom pistons for a 4. 02 and 1. Free shipping . Jun 30, 2017 · Team Ford—students Samuel Edwards III and Kent Evans with instructor Mike Pair—built a 347 cubic inch small block that made 459 peak horsepower and 408. the 393 looks the cheapest. We do not offer a shopping cart for our stroker kits as we prefer you to contact one of our dedicated technicians to make sure you are getting the correct kit to accomplish your build. Has anyone out there built one? If so, which kit did you use, and what do you think? All feedback, + & - will be greatly appreciated. 75 hooker super comps, 4. OK. I am going to use this thread to document my build and will update it regularly like a blog. After-market support for the 360 is great, and with the right parts, it can easily make 450 horsepower and still have great street manners. Part of this reason is due to its inherent strength and simplicity, but a lot of it has to do with how little Ford has changed it over the years. Their short block engine builds can upgrade your existing block or serve as the foundation for Eagle Small Block Mopar Stroker Kits 340 360 408 410 5. May 26, 2011 · I have them in 460 Ford mudbogger applications with over 300 HP of fogger, (nitrous) 400 SBC based w/nitrous, countless 383 Chevs, etc. 351W Stroker - Recommended Parts 351W Stroker - Recommended Parts by 710 Garage 1 year ago 11 minutes, 56 seconds 38,606 views In this video, we review all the parts we have used in our , 351W , Stroker , build , . Small Block Ford 351w to 393ci Stroker Assembly Kit . Dec 02, 2016 · These kits can range from a cast 306CID rotating assembly, to a high compression fully forged 408 Windsor stroker kit. 100 Journals Rods: RPM International, H-Beam 4340 Steel Hardware: ARP Bolts Pistons: JE SRP Professional Pistons Aug 20, 2015 · In the August 2009 issue, we kicked off our low-buck build by stuffing a LQ4/LQ9 iron block chock-full of a 4-inch K1 Technologies forged crankshaft, 4340-steel K1 Technologies connecting rods, and 2618-alloy Wiseco pistons, yielding a stout short-block of the 408-cube (6. Ford Stroker Engine Kits-5. They use claimer short blocks and iron heads. Strokers build compression fast with big cubes, so pay attention to the piston style you use and your chamber CCs if it's for pump gas. 850-inch stroke Summit Racing cast crank, stock length (5. I have read many articles and have seen lots of build specs/sheets with many around 500 hp. No idea what the HP is, but its plenty fast. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers Eagle, Competition Assembly, Ford SB (408) 351W Main, 4. 650 lift. We’ll continue on with the top end build, and then share some of the hidden or (lesser-seen) components we used to build our 408ci stroker small-block. (gen1 lightning knockoff) I dont wanna spend over 5000-6000 total. For the cost of a turnkey 408 stroker you can do the entire Coyote conversion and a transmission. 065-inch bore, are 3. 408: (4. After purchasing a book on rebuilding small block Mopar engines, and a book dedicated to building stroker small blocks, I set to finding a used 360 block in the nearby junkyards. 00" stroke crankshaft with your choice of 24X or 58X reluctor wheel. Some of our popular engine combinations like our 289, 302, 351w and world renowned strokers like the 331, 347, 408w, and 427w are best used for street/strip hot rods. Being able to hear it run and seeing a build sheet is a huge plus. Ford Engines. They are easy to build, make a ton of power with some good heads. Ford 347 Stroker (302) Crate Engine with 385 horsepower and 360 ft-lbs of torque. Way more power than the stock Windsor. 6000 rpm is also easier on connecting rods (especially if staying budget and factory rod) and easier to make a valve train happy. LQ9 408 Stroker Budget Build - GM High-Tech Performance Magazine We install a budget turbo setup on our junkyard LS based Vortec engine and finish it If you are building or restoring a classic GM, Mopar or Ford, Fesler Billet parts are  Dec 25, 2015 - We finish up our 408 LQ9 budget engine build by installing a Comp Finance-Friendly 408, Part 2 Buttoning Up Our Garage-Built LS Stroker And 1962 Ford Falcon with inline-six motor with head made from two LSx heads Ls. Yes, 351W block and rods, 302 pistons, and 3. 0 302-347 Stroker Engine Video DVD $1500 Short Block 531 HP! C $27. i plan on using the stock rods. ft torque! the short block parts were only around $1500. I want to put a big block in the new car with all the goodies. You can watch the episode at PowerNat ionTV. com, the official site for GM High-Tech Performance Magazine Jul 31, 2017 - Check out this LQ9 408 Stroker that we build step by step for those on a budget and give you the entire parts list. com Mains are aligned honed and block is machined on CNC Mill for stroker crank. Sounds easy, right? Well, there are limitations to what can be done depending on which engine you are building. 9 Magnum Stroker Kits & Rotating Assemblies . D. Use this website as a resource to get visual inspiration, part numbers, product details and ideas to create your next 302 build. 550 to . Sorry for the confusion but I didn't mean that I wanted to produce the 800hp on just the motot. 350 Chevy - May 26, 2005 · Ford fanatics might remember this as the beginning of the 5. LQ9 408 Stroker Budget Build - GM High-Tech Performance Magazine Check out this LQ9 408 Stroker that we build step by step for those on a budget and give you the entire parts list. Figure about 2000 dollars if you are a wise shopper and maybe less if you find some parts on ebay. 000" Stroke Eagle Competition Assemblies offer the ultimate in strength and reliability at an affordable price. 955 inches) Summit Racing H-beam rods, Trick Flow forged pistons, Speed-Pro plasma moly May 04, 2010 · The secret weapon in this build was a pair of aluminum Edelbrock Performer RPM 351C heads. Most power for a given RPM (best torque) but higher piston speed. 00 Ford 351W 408 427 Stroker Rotating Assembly Kit, Eagle 4340 Forged Steel Crankshaft 4. Here we go! The block is a C8 which is a 68 302 that was bored and honed to a finish size of 4. 425HP Stroker, Long Block, Aluminum Head, Internal Balance, Ford, Small Block Windsor, With Carburetor, Each Not Yet Reviewed Part Number: MLL-BPF4088CTC More Detail Ford 347ci Stroker Crate Engine Small block Ford Iron Heads Flat Tappet Carb See more like this Watch 347 Ford Long block,Engine Cradle,oil Pan & TC,Ford Iron heads, 4340 Steel CRANK Purchase any one of the several 383 stroker crankshaft/rod/piston kits on the market. 500 Stroke, Eagle 6. Hopefully this will keep me motivated. I built a 408 clevor that makes a dyno proven 520hp 500lb ft of torque but it was not a budget build. $1,896. Mopar 340, 360 and 5. 0 Litre Ford V8 Engine. 9L magnum engines make good torque and horsepower, even with a stock stroke crankshaft (the 340 is a little weak at low rpm due to the short stroke), but an Eagle small block Mopar rotating assembly or stroker kit will improve the performance and durability o Ford Performance Crate Engines When you purchase one of our Ford engines you are buying the finest turn-key drop in ready crate engine combinations in the world. 030" Bore, 4. Popular stroker cranks for the 6. Edelbrock or CHI heads, roller cams ect. I am really torn when it comes to selecting a carb. Budget LS Tech. Stroker Kits | Call us at 636-946-4747. 030 flat top Icon pistons, 5. More on that in a minute. 1963 was the dawn for a performance icon. 030 over. At least that's my thoughts for my 347 Show Full Signature 3. Budget Build Ford 5. 6c Flat Top Pistons, Fits 1 or 2-PC Rear Seal, Rings and Bearings Included, *2. Kit includes a new 4-1/2" stroke Scat cast steel crankshaft, new 6. Only the best names in the industry such as Scat, COMP Cams, Edelbrock, and every crate engine for sale is custom hand-built right here in the USA. 750 SVO / Cleveland Main* Ford 408 stroker. You could get similar power for less though. Thanks to the right components, including the powerful XFI cam, the 408 Street Stroker thumped out 534 HP and 543 lb-ft of torque. Our team specializes in the customization of high-quality Ford Fe crate engines with the ultimate features & the highest quality materials. 060” bore with 1. i dont want cr above 9:1 because i will be The marketplace is filled with a wealth of great stroker kits for your 289/302ci engine building project. 125” H-Beam connecting rods, while a K1 Technologies crankshaft with a 4. You would essentially have to give up fuel injection, purchase a non-electronic tranny, etc. Budget Build . 030 inches and paired with a 4340 forged-steel Eagle 4. does anyone know the cheapes way to buld this engine. 306 cubic inches. LQ9 short-blocks use a new GM LQ9 6. 6 valves Re: Budget EFI on a 351W Ford Quoted from my Thunderbird Project Car Thread. If I had a complaint, it would be they are normally on the bottom size of factory spec or a little smaller, so I would say 80% of those cranks go into service with . 000-inch bore, and the 6. I know it would be best to go with a aftermarket block, but I'm really on a budget with this build. I'm getting ready to build a 408 stroker to drop in my '67. 0) has been popular with budget-minded hot rodders for decades. Jul 31, 2017 - Check out this LQ9 408 Stroker that we build step by step for those on a budget and give you the entire parts list. You could try to find a factory 400 crankshaft, rods and pistons, but they're hard to find as a set and you'll need to have the main journals cut down from 2. 400s been featured in a number of engine challenge builds. I've had a couple of the 408 ci strokers and they run very strong!!!! Hard to beat what you get in a stroker engine package if you go buying the parts individually. 0-302-351W-351C-429-460 Our Ford stroker engine kits contain only name brand components and have proven track records. But. 5:1 compression ratio, and was expected to pump out more than 550 horsepower on the dyno. This engine has an aggressive, lopey cam so a 2500 stall converter is recommended if using an automatic transmission. com, the official site for GM High-Tech Performance Magazine Dec 16, 2003 · -1st you can use a stroker crank from Scat, FRPP, or Summit, these are cast cranks with 3. Gordon also has a 408 Stoked 351 engine putting out around 500/500. 7L Hemi Budget Build Stage 1 - Horsepower S14, E8 - Duration: 18:10. 750 inch stroke crank are both made of 4340 material. ford 351 windsor engine small-block 351 3. It requires an experienced machine shop. Ford 408 stroker The tests below are similar to Tests 1 and 2 in that it is another stealth build-up, but a 340ci HP engine is used as the basis. I dont really wanna put more than 3000 into the engine. $1,299. Feb 02, 2010 · This is a 318 stroker build that they just touched on because they were trying to fill a void. 14 × 3. plus not having a cam designed to make power at a lower rpm makes things happier at a lower rpm. Budget depends on motor. From a stroking point of view one of the most significant differences in deciding to build a Ford over Chevy comes to block construction. In 1969, Ford introduced the raised-deck 351 small-block we came to know as the Windsor. This 408 Ford Stroker Crate engine will give you the reliability you want for your street cruiser This 408 Ford Small Block Stroker will get your 351 Windsor based engine build off to a solid start. Features forged pistons, hydraulic roller camshaft, and aluminum heads. So I have scrapped my 347 build and sold off most of the parts. 030" over): 4. Ford 390 Big Block Galaxy 500 Crate Engine with 350 horsepower and 400 ft-lbs of torque. I don't want to spend any more money than I have to as I am already wildly over my intended budget. It wasn’t all that long ago (okay, LBJ was president and Bonanza was a hit TV show so maybe it was a long time ago) that a factory 327 / 350 hp small-block has serious street cred' and Chevy’s 427 making 435 horsepower was boulevard king. 030 Over, Fully Machined by FPS Crankshaft: RPM International, 4340 Nitrated, 4. 0L iron block! The standard price includes a fully-assembled GM LQ9 short-block with a 4. 6 or 5. Plenty of bottom end as well. When price comparison shopping, be sure you are comparing apples to apples with what is included in the kit. Ford production 351 blocks are good for ~750HP, and are almost a direct swap in place of the stock 302. southcross2631, Jun 1, 2017. mySimon. and torque. 408 cid Ford Windsor Stroker by Engine Builder 1 year ago 6 minutes, 47 seconds Ford 460 Engine Build On A Budget Part 1 - Horsepower S13, E4 Feb 18, 2012 · I think I would go with a good stroker kit for the 351W. I traded a 1965 Mustang notchback (my first Most of those builds are to meet a specific budget. Crate Engine, Ford 408 C. So, think about your budget and your goals and let's chat more! Honestly that is probably the more "budget" option with the F150 Coyotes being in the $2500 range. This engine, by the way, it the Ford 302! This formula will work with any engine. 000-inch, 4. 85" crank = 393. 600 S/S valves. I run a VooDoo Lunati (351 profile) cam in my 347 stroker. I have been limping the worn out 340 in my Dart for the last seven years and it's time for it to be replaced. This kit includes - RPM 4340 Forged Steel 4. The 408 Ford is an excellent choice for those looking for a Windsor based stroker engine to fit in place of an existing 351. 4 wheel power disk brake stock looking 66 mustang weighing in at 2985 with driver!! Jun 01, 2017 · He says his favorite Ford is a 408 stroker. Only): 1-888-471-2827 International: 1-801-701-1242 Jan 20, 2015 · Lq4 408 stroker build help My plans with it are to make it a 408 with about 150 shot What kinda power should it make before the bottle my plans are for this car to be a weekend warrior semi daily driver also what parts do I get as far as rotating assembly Pistons cam cylinder heads. At +0. Make it easy to build your small block ford stroker engines using our ford stroker engine building videos Wiseco 408 Pistons I think you will find tremendous An inexpensive crank swap later, you can put 302 pistons in a 351w. These crate engines are high-performance drop-in engines offering substantially more horsepower than the factory original. Don't buy a cheap 383 stroker  Items 1 - 16 of 70 Shop the Best Ford 351W-408 stroker kits and Forged rotating assembly kits for turbo, nitrous, or street. 50 Budget Build Ford 5. This short block build level comes as the fully machined block with crank, rods, pistons, frost plugs and cam bearings installed. 0, or 302/347 stroker engine on a budget with this easy to follow, fully narrated, instructional video / dvd. As a means of – 331 Ford Stroker Build Image: Engine Factory, Inc. The winner was chosen based on horsepower per cubic inch. Maui, do you know what deck ht and what thickness gasket you ended up with? Here's the just of mine: 418 Stroker kit based on Mahle pistons SBR245030I26 1. 8 liters and the 400 cubic inch engine was referred to as 6. The expense of maintaining the fountains led the board to suggest that, in presenting the MCA budget at the 68-s 302 on a budget build a ford build on a budget cam install cam installation camshaft classic car engine classic cars cleaning the engine donor 302 e303 e cam engine for muscle car engine paint fast v8 ford engines ford racing ford small block gt40p heads hot rod engine hot rods how to install a camshaft how to install an oil pump how to Ford 302 Stroker Dart SHP Short Block 331ci/347ci/363ci Race 8 second Short Block SKU: TREShortBlockDART302 Our 347/363 Race 8 Second Dart Short Block is designed for 600hp+ vehicles looking for a strong foundation for high horsepower. I wanna hit close to 400rwhp. The cheapest way (what Im doing) is to buy a 393 stroker crank, which uses stock 351 rods (if you plan on adding a power adder probably want to go with at least I-beams) and 302 pistons. 85 stroke that use stock 351W connecting rods and 302 style pistons. Ford 408 stroker. Get premium components at a superior value with this forged rotating assembly, only from Speedway Motors! These stroker kits include a forged crank, H-beam rods, hypereutectic pistons, rod bearings, and main bearings. 030. 1. “A Ford 302 can’t be as large as a small block Chevy (SBC) stroker but a Windsor motor can be substantially larger than a SBC stroker. Call us direct at 636-946-4747 or email us questions at sales@strokerkits. com, the official site for GM High-Tech Performance Magazine Back a few months ago, I posted my proposed 393W stroker build over on Corral. Ford 383 Stroker (351W) Crate Engine with 380 horsepower and 400 ft-lbs of torque. 493 440 STROKER ENGINE 600+ HP MOPAR MOTOR COMPLETE Even if this 408 stroker was built out of the more modern 360 your 318 computer will not work. Get big block power from a small block engine with this 408 stroker! Tri Star also offers high-quality, high performance 904 transmissions for sale. All Texas Speed & Performance 408 C. 0mm/2. 100-inch and 4. 0mm/1. Mar 8, 2017 - Check out this LQ9 408 Stroker that we build step by step for those on a budget and give you the entire parts list. com, the official site for GM High-Tech Performance Magazine (narrator)>> today on engine power ford's classic 351 windsor grows up and becomes a 427 cubic inch stroker. Speedway 4340 Forged Steel Crank Precision ground, micro polished journals Heat treated and stress relieved Magnafluxed, X-rayed and sonic tested 360 degree indexed stroke Cross Planning a stroker build? Here are a few things you should know before you get started. LQ4/LQ9/LY6 Rotating Assembly fits the following vehicle(s): 1999 Cadillac Escalade 2000 Cadillac Escalade 2005 Cadillac Escalade 2008 Cadillac Escalade 2009 Cadillac Escalade 2010 Cadillac Escalade 2011 Cadillac Escalade 2012 Cadillac Escalade 2013 Cadillac Escalade 2014 Cadillac Escalade Jun 10, 2017 · I am starting to collect parts for my 351w 408 stroker build in my 69 mach 1. Recycled 5. 0 302-347 Stroker Engine Video Dvd 1500 Short Block 531 Hp Budget Build - $20. Aug 07, 2012 · Well, after talking about it for too long, it's finally time to start building my 408 stroker. This part number is perfect to upgrade from your old 351W. I have a 1970 Mach 1 I recently bought that I am planning a 393C Stroker build for. 4” forged pro-stock i-beam rods, ARP-8740 rod bolts, 3. May 05, 2011 · dirt track guys build 450- 550 hp small blocks every day, and rev them to 7-8k. It's what I'm building for my EB. this is all in a 84 Ranger. Small Block Ford 351w to 408ci 4340 ALL FORGED Stroker Kit ''POWERHOUSE'' $1,750. I don't know what sort of cam to go with, what sized heads, intake, carb (I'd like to keep it carbed, for simplicity), what sort of ignition, distributor, compresion ratio 20 Jun 2018 The trials and tribulations of trying to get a motor built in under 24hrs. 88742333922 CID . 00 or 2. Why you would want to build a stroker engine is a question that first must be answered. Check Out The Complete Engine Build. The 5. Being my first MS project I ran into a few hiccups in the wiring, and an issue with the megasquirt I assembled, shorted something in the power circuit and a possible issue in the comm circuit, the second MS I assembled works like a champ though! Nov 08, 2013 · Now I'm hoping to get a dart block, forged stroker kit and a set of afr aluminum heads for the base of my motor build. s. 250 H-Beam Rods, 4032 Mahle Forged -6. Modified the tailpipes and made them a separate piece so they can be rotated for your desired height. In other words it was to look like a  Best budget crate engine 383 stroker build with vortec heads, roller RV cam. The 408 is recommended for street/strip use. 030" or . 250” cast series Dart 331/347/363 Short Blocks. Lots of 351 blocks crack due to the crank trying to move the mains. 2 deck shortblocks are built upon the strength of Dart Machinery SHP, Sportsman and Iron Eagle blocks. . Crank- 4. I got my heart set on the roller 351w but idk what i should do (on a budget) to the top end, ignition, fuel delivery. Featuring a factory 351W block, steel stroker crank, forged I-beam rods, and forged pistons, this short block is ready to accept a roller camshaft and any other performance parts you want to bolt to it. These make for a good NA bottom end. 001" under bearings. we started out with a stock 302 block & made 531 hp & 464 lb. 45 inches. All I have right now is a 1974 block machined and ready to build. it's easy to build a hi-performance small block ford 5. 7L) ilk. I have two questions for you all, if you will be so kind to reply. Given the mild state of tune, torque production from the 408 stroker exceeded 500 lb-ft Apr 24, 2019 · This week we spoke with Martin Marinov of Custom Performance Racing Engines and Coast High Performance out of Gardena, CA about their recent build of a 408 cid Ford Windsor Stroker engine and the Sep 01, 2009 · 408 LQ9 Budget Engine Build - Finance-Friendly 408, Part 2 Buttoning Up Our Garage-Built LS Stroker And Heading To The Dyno With Hopes Of Unleashing 600+ Horsepower Chris Werner Sep 1, 2009 *Dyno results may vary depending on build options* This part number is ideal for serious street performance. I wanna build a 92-96 short bed when i finish UTI. Ford 363/370 Assemblies Ford 408/427/434 Assemblies SBC 350 Assemblies SBC 383 Assemblies SBC 400/406 Assemblies SBC 421/427/434 Assemblies Previous Ford 347ci Stroker- 450hp- Forged- Long Block Next Ford 363ci Stroker- Forged- Short Block(Big Bore) Ford 347ci Stroker- 450hp- Forged- Turn Key 11,295. 50) and go have fun. 7" Scat I-beam connecting rods, Keith Black Hypereutectic pistons, Clevite rod and main bearings and plasma moly rings. 030", it is 416ci. The ONLY video site dedicated solely to build your small block ford I built SBFBuilding. Then you can cam it down, put slightly cheaper heads on it, put an off-the-shelf carb on it, keep a stock converter, low numerical gears (3. Our most popular is the famous "Prison Break 445", as noted to the right. Featuring a factory 351W block, steel stroker  10 Dec 2014 The first test was a 360 block with the 4" stroke (360/408) that was built to be what we call a "stealth" build-up. An update on Ford's great Cleveland heads, Edelbrock's Performers feature signifcantly improved chambers and ports over the stock heads, besides being about half the weight than the origianl cast-iron pigs. Our entry level 408 stroker Ford performance engines boast an honest 450 horsepower and 500 torque and run on premium pump gas. The only thing is I don't know where to go from there. If you have a good 351W block, building a 408 stroker is the best bang for your  21 Nov 2014 Ferrell quickly reviewed budget lines, noting that we now pretty much BUILDING: Limited information is available for a new building at the  11 Apr 2008 Performance & General Engine Building - building 393 stroker first time! I have decided that I want to do a 393 stroker motor. since visiting our shop CC has decided to let us do a build with these RHS heads and some budget stuff to see what we can do. Which kit you choose depends on your expectations, budget, and needs. 245" compr. As a means of Budget 300HP 302 Build. 00 fd stroked 408 big block torque in a small block , need i say more! this is the biggest power you will find in a small block, for Ford engine stroker combinations. Of course, everything can be built on a budget, but obviously the budget will be higher for a build like this. Every machine shop and specialty parts house advertises some sort of stroker kit selection, the most common being the 302 based 347 kits, but even 427 cubes are now available from the 351 Windsor blocks. Jun 01, 2010 · So I am nearing the very end of my crazy 408 Clevor Stoker build and am getting down to the final details. Jun 11, 2010 · Ford Performance Solutions’ 408 cubic inch Small Block Ford – Build Essentials. New Project, New Goals In the past several years small block Ford stroker engines have become all the rage. The 408 Ford Windsor Stroker engine was finished to have a 10. 3 Feb 2020 We've got the tips and techniques for Stroking a 408 ci Windsor. Aug 01, 2009 · LQ9 408 Stroker Budget Build - Finance-Friendly 408 With Smart Parts Choices And A Little Elbow Grease, Putting Together An LS Stroker Can Be Easy On The Wallet--And Result In Dynamite Dyno Numbers. This Scat Stroker Series 9000 347ci Street-Strip Rotating Assembly Kit is designed to fit 1979 to 1995 Mustangs equipped with the iconic pushrod 5. of torque! The foundation for this project was a fully-machined, 6-liter iron block with parts coming from Summit and Trick Flow, making this performance bad boy worth $20,000! i want to build a 351w stroker on a budget. 0 Mustang era, and they know this really started the 302 Ford small-block on its way to becoming the popular engine it is today. Ford's Windsor powerplant becomes the second engine for our mobile chassis dyno. Do a search for "393 stroker" or "408 stroker". 5" would be; TSP 408 C. I had the heads built (68's/ year of heads)around the cam specs. ford 408 stroker budget build

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