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8. The “sprint option” was also offered on these models but was usually incorporated as a package with a standard 3-speed floor shift and heavy duty suspension. Oct 14, 2018 · Exhaust and Engine Vacuum Leaks can also cause P0133 to be triggered. m. The intake-port roof of the round-port R/A IV cylinder head was raised 1/8 inch and the intake port volume was increased from 153 to 180 cc, which allowed it to operate at its intended limit. S. Free shipping. 1964 to 1969 Pontiacs engines were all 2-hole blocks. Exact light blue metallic color match for all 67 - 70 Firebird and Trans Am engines. Engineers Clayton B. BACK For a more complete and up to date engine codes and other information, try my search page. The engine evolved from the Pontiac 370 in which the stroke was increased. 0 hour of labor. All had a 7. They found that the engine provided massive amounts of low-end torque and rock steady high RPM power output. In later years, Pontiac added a  301 Turbo (210 hp, 157 kW), with the 5th VIN digit being a "T". 6-Cylinder: Find code stamped on cylinder head contact surface of the block behind the oil filler pipe. Apr 12, 2017 · It can mean the model year of the car or it can mean the number of cylinders of your car's original engine, followed by your car's body series. Pontiac 400 Ram Air: XN, XT (automatic), WU   19 Jul 2013 Pontiac Engine Codes. The one stipulation was that it had to be a Pontiac engine. FB W72 Last Pontiac Pontiac Cylinder Head ID Numbers. Pontiac Firebird 5. Question:I have a 1997 Pontiac Grand Am 4 cylinder 2. O. 49 1970 Order Form-Rallye 350 $ 2. This is all new exposure of facts ! A firebird judge wt5 ! Engine Casting Code: The casting code is a code specific to the vehicle's year. The system will enter the diagnostic mode. Rocker Arms; Connecting Rods Clegg Engine and Machine. 5L, 151cid, 9. 06" bore and 3. e. Full list of OBD II Diagnostic Trouble Codes. We will only refund the purchase price of the engine block, but not the shipping charges in either direction. Pontiac produced its first car, called the Series 6-27, in 1926. 4th and 5th digits are the body type and number: 37 = 2dr coupe 67 = 2dr convertible 6th digit is the last number in the model year i. Pontiac 400 428 455 Engine Codes. Location: next to distributer 66-67 9787437 239 cid 68-69 9790043, 9795066, 9890043 For 1968, Pontiac released a new 350 cid engine for the Tempest and Firebird. 6:1: 265: Auto: 45: 254: 4 bbl: WA Engine Code 123456 WS 22P100001; 123456 -Engine Production Number (No correlation to the Vehicle VIN) WS -Engine Code 22P100001 -Engine VIN Code added late 1967. Another Pontiac’s top engine option in 1969 and 1970 was its Ram Air IV (R/A IV), which had a solid 6,000-rpm operating limit. Pontiac Firing Order Pontiac V8. This is a good rebuildable core. The date code is 4 digits. 87-This code identifies your body style (87 = two-door coupe). Engine code V6231. Bbody To find where the Engine code/id can be found. The first 4 or 5 letters / numbers usually provide enough technical information for a car parts supplier to find the right engine related car part for you. V8 codes are stamped on a pad just forward of the right side (passenger) cylinder head. 1959-60 Stamped Engine Codes. The 389 posted numbers in the 330 horsepower range with a single spread-bore, four-barrel All the above information was taken from Pete McCarthy's "Pontiac Musclecar Performance" book. BTW in '70 Pontiac HP rwatings were pure maketting. Trans Am Engine Specifiactions 1970-1981. General Motors has discontinued the Pontiac line. Resist heat to 500 degees. This was an emissions reduction modification performed on the heads. First, for the 1988 model year, Pontiac replaced the LG3 with a revised version of the same engine platform, with an increase of 10 hp and 10 ft⋅lbf (14 N⋅m) of torque. the other yn code is for a 1965 326 so dates do not match yours is a 7. With a wide variety of parts and modifications available, the Pontiac 350 crate motor can be customized to meet your horsepower needs. It was created by boring the 326. The casting codes for 1964 to 1967 will be found on the distributor pad, except the 421's. The engine code is usually stamped somewhere into the engine block. 123456 = Production Number. A 421 is desirable. The video above shows how to locate the on board diagnostics (OBD) plug on your 2007 G6, how to read the trouble codes and how to reset or clear the check engine light using a scanner on your G6. 6 litre engine and the W72, but if the codes are correct for a W72 and the VIN excerpt matches, chances are that it is the original engine. What is the cost to diagnose the P0496 PONTIAC code Labor: 1. 123456----This is the sequential production number portion of the VIN. with bore & stroke of 90 x 95 m. If your Check engine light is on you may have a serious problem. Leach and Ed Windeler had developed this cast-iron engine with ball-and-stud rocker arms, gusher-type cooling, pressure-suction crankcase ventilation, and easy-to-cast block construction to keep costs down and make it efficient. 7 V8 TPI, standard in the 1985-91 Corvette and optional in the 1987-92 Camaro/Firebird platform . Featured Cars Take a Virtual Tour of our Featured Classic Car. We test and use all of the parts that we sell / manufacture. All 455 blocks have a 5 hole pattern and will fit pre-70 chassis. V-8: Stamped on the right of the timing chain cover. OBDII Pontiac Code Definitions. This code will tell you the year it was to be used. com Pontiac block codes. Identifying Pontiac cylinder heads is also a fairly straightforward procedure. 5 Engine Build Information 140-HP STOCK BLOCK ENGINE BUILD 2. The GTO was the brainchild of Pontiac engineer Russell Gee, an engine specialist, and Pontiac chief engineer John De Lorean. or 80 x 82 m. Pontiac | Forged Crank; Engine Parts . Stop wasting time looking for this paint, here it is! Order you a can or two today!! ENGINE CODES: 1967 Pontiac 400: WI, WQ, WU, WZ (manual), YT, XN (automatic) 1968 Pontiac 400: WZ (manual), YT (automatic) Pontiac 400 HO: WQ (Manual), YW (automatic) Trouble Codes › Check Engine Light Trouble Codes for Old and New cars and Trucks. P----This code tells you what plant your car was built. 95 Pontiac GTO, Pontiac Lemans, Pontiac Tempest, The best source for GTO books, Engine Description Engine Code Comp. Most auto repairs shops charge between $75 and $150 per hour. Myvintageiron7512 75,525 views. The Casting codes for 1955 to 1963 will be found found on the passengers side of the block. They were cast with an air injection passage to reduce emissions. 2786 Hwy 43 North Lawrenceburg, TN 38464 PHONE: (931) 762-4596 24 HOUR-FAX: (931) 829 - 4627 TOLL FREE ORDER LINE: (866) 762-7527 Performance engine upgrades mild to w ild!!available on any V8 Pontiac engine we sell! Call for turnkey pricing on an engine for your application. YEAR CID H. 70-81 ENGINES CODES . Want Answer 0. The PONTIAC 455 - 560 HORSE COMPLETE CRATE ENGINE/PRO-BUILT/ 350 389 400 421 428 NEW. Feb 16, 2014 · 2008 pontiac grand prix, 3800 series III L-26 engine the car will be running like a top and then just randomly shut off like i turned the kea, plug the scan tool in and i get the following codes… The ohc6 engine was only offered from 1966 through 1969 model years as the standard engine for the Pontiac Tempest and LeMans as well as the Firebird from 1967–69. 4L Mistake on the engine code M, this M code comes out on the 1995 - 1999 Chevrolet Monte Carlo and the engine is an RPO L82 3. Scan your codes and follow the chart to determine what the code means. 00. The Pontiac 326 was produced as a replacement engine for the Tempest since these earlier cars had the all aluminum Pontiac 215 engines in them that were produced by Buick. 00 The Pontiac V-8 was the power plant for a whole generation of muscle cars, including the legendary GTO and Firebird Trans Am from the late 60’s to early70’s. Sep 14, 2012 · Engine Code Stamping Numbers All engines are stamped with an engine ID code, consisting of assembly plant code, production date and suffix code. 1x2 538181. I finally got around to scraping the crud off the engine code on the front of the block. 6 cylinder engines are stamped on the passenger side of the block behind the distributor. For example: - To see all of engine choices for 1969 enter "69" for the year. Some parts stores will scan your codes for free. There were a lot of changes to the 389 during its eight year production run which gained the engine even more notoriety. Components are interchangeable from each displacement, other than 265 & 301, which are only compatible with themselves. Today’s Top Rated Products. Bbody Bbody Bbody Bbody Bbody Bbody Bbody Bbody Bbody Bbody Bbody Bbody Bbody Bbody Bbody Bbody Bbody Bbody Bbody Bbody B-Year CID HP Trans. 00 360 BP builds high tech engines and performance parts for later model muscle cars as well covering all your performance needs for Pontiac and LS engines. # cyl/CID: Carburetor: Horsepower: Torque: Bore x Stroke: Compression Ratio: Oil Pressure @ 2050 RPM The Cheetah engine was 196 cu in or 2945 cc with a bore & stroke of 81 x 95. 96cc 6x heads date casted from late 1970 which Pontiac often did use heads and such casted in the previous year. Cleaned, magnafluxed & ready to ship. 060 #9790079 DC L038 (2). Ratio HP 400 4bbl 3Spd Manual WT 10. 389 Pontiac Engine Build. 14-17 check engine light 3 Answers. WC = Engine Code. This engine has the RPO code of LN3 and is the first time the Buick 3. When building a Pontiac engine, t he selection of cylinder heads, camshaft, and intake are critical to building the right combination and making Pontiac power. First, you must find the casting codes which will help you ID the year, engine, and casting number of the engine. Pontiac Vibe C1201 Engine Trouble Code Pontiac Vibe C1201 code can be about replacing a broken oxygen sensor can eventually lead to a busted catalytic convertor which can cost upwards of $2,000. 5L 6 -cyl Engine Code [L] 7) and get free shipping. They have anything and everything that's available for the early Pontiac V-8. Front grills, rear fender sides and trunk were now marked with bold GTO letters. Oct 27, 2015 · (2001 Pontiac Sunfire) I took my car to my mechanic and they look at my car and replaced the canister purge valve twice now. Museums Listing of automobile museums, as well as museums with some automotive related items. This process is made easier since the majority of Pontiac cylinder heads have the casting number, or a portion of it, on the outside of the head (as opposed to under the valve cover like many other makes). You can view this engine package along with pricing at the following link The Pontiac Crate Motor . This car was capable of speeds up to 50 mph and was priced at $825. The only way to determine your engine is by knowing the two letter code stamped behind the oil filler tube. Your complete source for Pure to unique Pontiac Performance parts. Tells you engine family (400, 455, etc. 1. Feb 10, 2014 · Engine Identification. About Us May 31, 2018 · Pontiac grabbed a 389 block used in the high-performance Catalina, as well as the Lemans and GTO, and punched it out to an even 400 cubic inches. Pontiac engines were available in many different displacements, ranging from 265 CID to 455 CID. I have two 350 Pontiac mills in my hoard. The GTO popularity had been growing and Pontiac Immediately started to add unique identifiers to GTO equipped cars. The GTO was revived in 2004, based on the Australian Holden Monaro. It has been setting for about 11 years. His son said he owned the car for about 30 years. 6 comp ratio 4 brlheads should be 4c 1in 1967 the 400 cu in V8 becme the standard for Bonneville until 1969, when a 360 hp 428 became the standard Bonneville engine, which in turn was replaced in 1970 by an even larger 455 cu in 27 Nov 2017 Casting codes for 1968–81 appear on the ledge at the rear of the block behind cylinder eight. 2L9100001) The Pontiac 389 V8 was first introduced in 1959 and would become one of the most popular engines of the muscle car era. It's powered courtesy of a naturally aspirated engine of 6. According to Pontiac Power, the production number for both 1968 and 1969 350 HO engines is #9790079. (2) (3) (5) Mounting holes per side. 3 = All firebirds manufactured in 1967. 389 215 3 The Pontiac 400 is easily serviced or rebuilt, so long as you don't need a set of Ram Air II heads, which are among the rarest of Pontiac engine components. 13:54. 2. We have the parts to make clearances right and your engine oil tight. Search Engine code V6231 stock. Engine codes in parenthesis are for cars built with AIR Injector Exhaust Control, code 616. The auto repair labor rates vary widely across the country, and even within the same city. Pontiac engine blocks cast in 1967 through the last casting in 1978 have 3 freeze plugs on each side. 4L with the following Pontiac check engine light codes: P0302 - Cylinder 2 Misfire P0200 - Injector Circuit Malfunction P0141 - O2 Sensor Heater Circuit Malfunction. The Opel metricised 216 was of 3602 c. In the GTO continued and once again received styling changes . 8 is called the 3800 V6. These codes below may not be as accurate as my Engine Code Search page in link above. engines developed during the muscle-car era for its exciting GTOs and Firebirds were among the most potent to  You could also type in a Pontiac engine light code number by itself such as " P1665" to get all related responses for this trouble code. Learn what Engine Positions System Performance Bank 1 means, location and how to repair? 7 Aug 2014 Unusual Pontiac Grand Prix With Top-Dog 428 HO cruiser, and this one on eBay is even more unusual due to its engine. This is a quick block ID for junk yard hunting, etc. 6: 111: 543796: 2: 64: NA Pontiac 400 428 455 Engine Codes. Fill in the appropriate blanks to narrow your search. Clicking this will make more experts see the question and we will Engine codes for Pontiac Firebird. We also build a 434 for those who desire something a little less commonplace. V-8: Find code stamped on the block in front of the right bank of cylinders. Early (1961 to 1979)Pontiac V-8 engine parts and engine building. They were only offered in the mid-60s large B & C platform cars. Over the years, displacement increased several times, but external dimensions remained about the same. Guaranteed by Thu, Jul 30. 5:1 CR Pontiac cast iron head without EGR part #10031322 OR Feb 26, 2006 · To identify a pontiac engine: 1. However, these codes were used over from year to year. So here is the breakdown 9792968 casting K 228 date code - november 22 1968 YH code build 428 4 bolt main 360 horse auto trans Full size car. The engine code 'A' stamped in the front of the block just below the passenger side cylinder head indicates this engine is a 10:1 compression 2-barrel 280 HP version. Codes are entered, or rather "hit" on the front right of the cylinder block (passenger side), close to the cylinder head gasket plane. Pontiac catalina 421 super duty royal bobcat features an elegant yet aggressive. The Pontiac 389 V8 was first introduced in 1959 and would become one of the most popular engines of the muscle car era. 1 V6, the base engine in the 1990-92 Camaro/Firebird platform, and VIN code 8 is much better known as the L98 5. In 1963 Pontiac continued with its tradition of making new engines out of old engines and decided to reduce the bore of the popular 389 motor in order to make the 326. The code is stamped on the front of the block, passenger side just below the head and beside the water pump. 0 The cost of diagnosing the P0451 PONTIAC code is 1. The Pontiac 400 is easily serviced or rebuilt, so long as you don't need a set of Ram Air II heads, which are among the rarest of Pontiac engine components. (D) Lemans, (G) Luxury Models. He was in the process of restoring the grand prix. so your date code is jan 9th 1974. V8 – On both small- and big-block V8s, the engine ID codes are found on a machined pad on the front passenger side of the block just below the head. i was lucky enuff to find the correct heads on ebay recently for my 71 formula. After pressing "erase/clear" and waiting until you see a "no codes" message, you can turn off your vehicle and disconnect the scanner. The 350 Pontiac has small port heads and a small bore. 2L8100001) This is information that I gathered while considering putting in a Pontiac OHC inline 6 into my 54 Pontiac. WH = Engine Code. Which is a solenoid failure. 0 The cost to diagnose the P1189 PONTIAC code is 1. MANUAL TRANSMISSION AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION 1959 389 215 ET,ES ER 245 D,DT Here are the breakdowns year by year of all the VIN numbers, cowl tag data, production numbers, paint codes, engine codes, specifications, and so on, and so on for all the years from 1967 to 1981. Taking your car into a shop will cost you around $200 depending on the car. Main Notes. Home » ; Resources » ; The Pontiac Engine; The Pontiac Engine. 3rd and 4th digits - Body Style. However, the most popular choice that year was the 326 V8 engine. Starting in 1965 Pontiac began using a 2 digit letter code. Hi Bob  13 Apr 2016 Pontiac's Ram Air and H. The block casting number, 9790071, is for a 1968-1969 400 engine. Pontiac Engine Codes. The minor problem in this area is that the same codes are used for the base 6. 08. For 2004-2006 Pontiac GTO Engine Valve Cover Set Holley 59767DR 2005 (Fits: Pontiac GTO) $481. 1962 pontiac catalina 421 super duty royal bobcat for sale in ardmore. I was driving up a steep bridge and all the sudden a light came on that said Reduced Engine Power and I no longer could drive over 30 mph took it to auto parts and they scanned the trouble codes P11 Dec 28, 2015 · These engines pipe water through the front of the cylinder heads first, then through the block. An example would be 'WX' which in 1976 was a Pontiac 400 cid with manual transmission. These deletions with the stamped numbers on the seven blade fan ordered with this engine #9796134 / 914007 this is a L68M pontiac 455. 123456 -Engine Production Number (No correlation to the Vehicle VIN); WS - Engine Code; 22P100001 -Engine VIN Code added late 1967. 9 x 95. . It died driving down - Answered by a verified Pontiac Mechanic 1968 Pontiac Firebird 400: The Firebird 400 is a car from Pontiac, with rear wheel drive, a front mounted engine and a 2 door coupé body style. 8L L44 V6. 8:1: 255: Manual: 11: 254: 2 bbl: WA: 455 P1115 Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) Sensor Circuit Intermittent High Voltage - Read Our Article on Automotive Circuit Testing For Help With This Pontiac Check Engine Light Code P1116 ECT Signal Unstable Or Intermittent - Read Our Article on Intermittent Diagnosis For Help With This Pontiac Check Engine Light Code 1st photo places where codes are usually found in a 400-455 engines. VIN Identification. The test results showed Pontiac that an L-head engine simply couldn't compete with overhead valve V8 engine designs. The following table outlines the various engines encoded there: Engine codes for passenger cars . ) and sometimes a little more. Code, Calif. Pontiac engines were last produced and used in 1981. Most muscle car and classic car enthusiasts utilize the popular and easily customizable 350 small block Pontiac crate engine. Code Car 01A 01A 01A 01B 01B 01C 01C 01D 01D 01E 01E 01F 01F 02A 02A 02B 02B 02B 02C 02C 02D. all are good and Pontiac engines don't In 1955, Pontiac introduced a 287 cid V-8 engine, Pontiac’s first production overhead valve V-8. You must find the date code at the back LH side of the block first. Anything P1000 to P1999 or P3000 to P3400 will be Manufacturer specific and may not match the ones listed here. $8,990. Pontiac blocks with only 2 bolts holes per side were cast before 1970. 63. Jul 14, 2020 · VIN code T also designates a 3. The 1966 Pontiac GTO's 389Ci block should have the number 9778789 cast on the distributor Pad. However, these codes were used for more than one year and could have different machining or even different main caps. The first digit is the month, the next 2 digits are the day of the month, and the last digit is the year (6 could be 1966  1966-67 Pontiac engine codes decoder reveals the code prefix, engine performance, displacement, and configuration. In this mode, the computer will display a Code 12, three consecutive times, by flashing the "CHECK ENGINE", "SERVICE ENGINE SOON" or "MALFUNCTION INDICATOR LAMP" or light. Pontiac Trans Am Numbers Oct 23, 2009 · Trans codes may appear to conflict. Pontiac 2. Adding to the confusion, multiple block codes were used, and date codes can overlap up to three decades. We also have access to a Superflow 901 dynamometer for engine break in and to help us fine tune the power curve of your engine. Intermittent Check Engine Light: If the check engine light on your 2007 G6 is intermittent, try to take note of the conditions when this happens. The code 754 then takes over and also deletes engines codes 346 and 348 a L74 ram air lll. Stop wasting time looking for this paint, here it is! Order you a can or two today!! Pair Pontiac V8 Long Branch Exhuast Manifolds $675. Ground terminals A and B (see diagram below) with the ignition "ON" and engine not running. GM encodes the engine type in character 8 of the VIN. Prior to 1965 (the start of the “two letter” system) the two digit engine code, which was the last two digits of the full six or seven digit part number, was stamped followed by the standard trans code. 1965 Pontiac Lemans GTO. Again for 1965 the GTO was an option available on the Tempest LeMans models of Pontiac. Oct 23, 2009 · Casting Year CID HP Carb Type Notes 521510 1955 287 173, 180 Rochester 1×2 521512 1955 287 200 Rochester 1×4 521570 1956 316 192, 205 Rochester 1×2 521571 1956 316 227 Rochester 1×4 523813 1957 347 227, 252 Rochester 1×2 523814 1957 347 244, 270 Rochester 1×4 528533 … 1st digit is the GM division number. The same engine would have different HP rating in different Car lines (F, G, A, and B bodies) and in a few cases different engines woud have the same ratings. 49 1968 455-4BBL - H/O - W46 w/AC - A/T- Engine Code (QE) $ 6. 8-liter V6. Check the freeze frame data in order to pinpoint the From 1964 until 1973 it was closely related to the Pontiac Tempest, but for its final year (1974) it was based on the Pontiac Ventura. 31 May 2018 Legendary among muscle car owners, the Pontiac Ram Air 400-cubic-inch engines were part of the performance option packages offered by  Results 1 - 48 of 296 What information is needed for a replacement Pontiac Vibe motor? At a minimum, you will want to obtain the VIN number, engine code, and  '59 - '79 PONTIAC V8 HEAD CASTING NUMBERS PONTIAC BLOCK CODES ' 64-'79. Oct 06, 2012 · Yes it is a 428. Year, CID, HORSEPOWER, Code. Pontiac used two-letter engine codes in different years in various cars. At Golen Engine, we build both — as stock restoration builds for those wanting originality and as hot rod builds for people wanting more ponies. L925 - Pontiac V8 Engine Factory Casting Number And Code Guide - 1955-1981 These guides will give you information regarding casting numbers, what suffix number goes with the head casting number, what exhaust manifold numbers go with these castings and so on. 62. The base engine for the launch of the Firebird was a 3. N-This code identifies what plant your Pontiac was built at (N=Norwalk, Ohio). The 428 was never offered in a '70s Pontiac of any size. Great condition originals. See attached images for a better description of this location. Motor mount holes. 1970 455-2BBL - F85/Cutlass w/AC - A/T- Engine Code (TX) $ 6. V6231. I know parts that every mechanic uses to replace broken ones can be defective with out them knowing it. **Don't forget to unhook your positive  19 Mar 2013 Trouble Code P0171 on your Pontiac Bonneville indicates your Pontiac's engine is running lean in both Bank 1. 1 Nov 2018 Maxx repairs a P0010 Code on his 2009 Pontiac G6 4 cylinder Ecotech. I should of stuck to my gut instinct and put a OHC 6 in. Current symptoms include engine sluggish, misfire, poor idle, gasoline smell inside and outside of vehicle. The 2-barrel version  In 1977 Pontiac offered a new high performance engine package for the 400cid motor in On a Pontiac engine, the engine block code is located just below the  It has been speculated that Pontiac L78 and W72 engines were painted a different blue, but checking these engines against genuine GM engine paint samples  To identify a pontiac engine: The casting codes for March 1967 on will be found on the rear of the block just behind the number 8 cylinder. The car cost $200 more than its sister ship, the Chevrolet Camaro. The modern Pontiac V8 was introduced in 1955, displacing 287 cubic-inches. True Pontiac engines were made by the Pontiac Motor Division. - To view the 1969 WS motor enter "69" for the year and "WS" for the block code. **CELEBRATING 10 YEARS IN BUSINESS!** ONE OF THE COUNTRIES LEADING PONTIAC ENGINE BUILDERS – OVER 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE - specializing in concourse stock RAIV SD455 455HO 421, 389, 400’s to all out blown alcohol race engines and everything in-between!! Pontiac. (P=Pontiac, Michigan). Watch. Pontiac engines have block code. Nov 15, 2014 - Hitman's Pontiac Trans Am Site - Engine Codes. The original engine was in metric 3548 c. (i. Identify an engine block is very simple. 1966 - 1970 Correct Pontiac Metallic Blue Engine Paint New correct high temperature engine paint for your bird. The YN IS FOR A 1974 350 2 BRL with an automatic from am A body car. or Best Offer. 1969-1970 Pontiac Ram Air III 400 V8 - A True Tiger - Duration: 8:26. What parts would I need to build a sweet-running engine that makes around 400 horsepower? (Money is no issue!) part # year: bbl: size: tran: notes: 7011350: 1957: 2: 347: a: tripower center: 7011351: 1957: 2: 347: a/m: tripower front: 7011352: 1957: 2: 347: a/m: tripower rear Jan 02, 2010 · Pontiac – Cylinder Head Identification. Engine Search. Never seeing the light of day was Pontiac’s only really new 1969 engine, a 303-cid small-block V-8 that never got too far beyond the prototype stage. They are as reliable as any other Pontiac engine if built and maintained properly. So look & verify motor mount holes depending in what chassis you are installing the block in. Sep 23, 2006 · 1969 Engine Codes Code: Application: Displacement: Compression: Horsepower: Transmission: Heads: Camshaft: Carb: MM : 400: 8. Engine & Components : Engine Blocks: 429 KB. Sep 27, 2017 · I have a 2009 Pontiac g6 with a 2. Often it isn't visible at first sight either because it may be hidden by rust, paint or air conditioning compressor support. Sep 21, 2017 · Not much demand for the 350 or 301 Pontiac engines. Small Block Chevrolet Engine Suffix Codes # Engine Code Years Cid Application Engine Vin Hp Bbl Gm Body Comments ; 1: C: 1957: 265: MT 3 SPD: cars/Vette/Omega: 2: C Home of the IA II Pontiac Engine Block. On a Pontiac engine, the engine block code is located just below the passenger-side head at the front of the block. Above the 2 digit code will be the motor unit number,  1968 ENGINE CODES. Radio8-lug wheels whitewall tires under the hood is a 421 ci pontiac v-8 e Mar 10, 2017 · Pontiac Engine Break Down 301 to 455 - Duration: 13:54. (27) 2 door post sedan, (36 or 46) 4 door station wagon, (37) 2 door hardtop, (39) 4 door hardtop, (67) 2 door convertible, (69) 4 door sedan. Next to the distributor hole there is a casting number that has a letter with 2 or 3 numbers. Engine Description Engine Code Comp. c. The Olds engine was a 303 cu in (5. (Page 1 of 2) PONTIAC : Pontiac A-Body : Pontiac F-Body : Pontiac N-Body: Model: Years : Model: Years : Model: Years: Bonneville: 58-60 : Firebird: 67-03 : Grand Am: 85-03 Jun 03, 2018 · In 1967, Pontiac released the all-new Firebird. An incredible 76,742 of the cars were produced during the first year. Special Notes: All 1974 GTO's were equipped with a 350 cubic inch V8, rated at 200 Horsepower at 4400 rpm. I took my 1998 Pontiac Sunfire in to have a tune-up and to see why the check engine light had just come on over the week-end. Gasoline resistant, OEM color match. 50 366 455 3Spd WA 10. Don't look for Pontiac performance engines for sale Engine Code Database 1964-1978 Use this form to find Pontiac engine information. 265, 301, 307*, 326, 350, 389, 400, 421, 428, 455 Dec 31, 2013 · Engine Identification. To see where the block code and date code are. 75:1 67-69 ENGINES CODES . 20 Pontiac from $6,777. Where to find the Casting Code: Casting codes for 1955 to 1963 are found on the passengers side of the block. Restyled with a new front end with four exposed headlamps wrapped in an Endura bumper, new body creases, and a redesigned rear end. However, erasing the codes does not fix the problem. ) Apr 08, 2020 · Clearing any codes present will turn off your check engine light temporarily. Here are 2 examples: A249 code "XE" A = January - 24 is the 24th day - and 9 is 1969. Engine will be installed into a '68 Pontiac Firebird. (2) Pontiac 2nd digit - Series. Q: I want to build a Pontiac 400 engine for my 1968 Firebird. 1969 350 YE Code Engine Block $175. Submit Engine code V6231 request. 1599 West Center Street Orem UT 84057 Toll Free (U. This pad is actually an extension of the block deck surface Feb 17, 2009 · match unlike the Pontiac V8 engines which has a VIN stamped on the engine block with the last 6 digits matching the VIN plate on the dashboard. In later years, Pontiac added a corresponding VIN number to the block. 5th digit - Engine Code. The block is a 69 428. To differentiate them it will have to be determined what year the block is. 3. Apr 13, 2016 · To satisfy the need for the consumer demanding maximum engine output and to remain competitive with the growing engine sizes from other makes, Pontiac introduced its 421 ci in late 1961. The 2 letter codes began in 1965. 5 LSA OL Application Notes; Pontiac: 9777254: 269: 277 113 Use this to ID the model year, it's important because Pontiac used the other engine codes to mean different things in different years. Pontiac used the same codes on different year blocks. Oh well, live and learn. Clubs Listing of Clubs and Organizations. 040 bore now, bore to . You can search our database for engine codes which have been specified with requests in the past. Z-This code identifies your car's original engine (Z=Pontiac 400 engine). It was never used in production, but development of the engine produced enough heads, short-block assemblies, and related rotating assemblies that the parts were offered over the parts counter at Pontiac dealerships and installed in some cars by dealers and customers. Based on production block and heads, this combination provides plenty of power with quality bottom Engine codes for 2001 pontiac grand prix. Aug 22, 2016 · Pontiac 400 custom crate engine built by Proformance Unlimited. GM FoMoCo MOPAR Gaskets Nov 27, 2017 · The blocks of all Pontiac V-8s from the 287 to the 455 are the same size and very close to the same weight, which can make it more difficult to identify the 11 different engine displacements produced from 1955–79. Year of construction. 6: 111: 543796: 2: 64: 215: 389: M: 02B: 8. #9779494 & #9779495 they fit the 1967-69 Firebird 400 Ram Air & HO as well as the 1965-68 Full Size Pontiac with the 421 & 428 HO engines. Despite being out of production for over 30 years, the aftermarket continues to provide strong support for the Pontiac V-8, and there are numerous sources of detailed information on the Jul 14, 2020 · American engine codes . 2nd photo 403-455 olds engines (1)400 engine (2)403 engine 1966-67 Pontiac engine codes decoder reveals the code prefix, engine performance, displacement, and configuration. About Contact Parts For Sale. Jul 07, 2014 · The engine we built was a customer's engine, and he wanted to do an engine for the AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge. 5:1 CR Pontiac cast iron head without EGR part #10031322 OR The car runs rough , when the reduce engine power , the traction light and the engine light comes on ,engine light See More Pontiac G5 Questions Related Pontiac G5 Problems 1970 Pontiac GTO. 2 = Pontiac 2nd digit is the series number. An optional trans code, if installed in the vehicle, appears nearby, often on top of the other characters. It ran years ago. Pontiac 400 HO: WQ (Manual), YW (automatic). RPO VIN Carb. Pontiac V-8S 326 301 The Pontiac 400ci engine arrived in '67, followed in 1970 by the 455. 0 L), Pontiac reduced the size to 270 cu in (4. 95 Pontiac 461 Stroker Crate Engine From: $ 13,345. Decode the production number and engine code. L6 – The engine identification codes are located on a machined pad on the right (passenger) side of the block behind the distributor. Unfortunately, I chose to go the SBC route. The letter is the month, next 2 digits are the day and the last digit is the year. The tired, leaky engine in your Pontiac can be made like new again with our engine rebuild kits. 26 watching. Make. 7-25-10 yep I agree, the engine date code from same year as car makes it as correct as possible without total #'s match. If your needs are a stroker crate motor we can take and Welcome to Spotts Performance. Together with the casting code and casting date you can determine where what the engine is. Butler Performance is your source for high performance Pontiac parts, engine kits, balanced rotating assemblies, short blocks, and complete engines for any application! What is the cost to diagnose the P1189 PONTIAC code Labor: 1. January 2, 2010 Engine. They also played the "derater the HP so the sans-coulottes will buy the one we want them Pontiac 2. From stock to the highest torque monsters on the planet, these guys will give you the best advice and proper parts selection to meet your goals. Decoding a Pontiac Vehicle Identification number or VIN can give specific information about 1968-69 Pontiac engine codes decoder reveals the code prefix, engine performance, displacement, and configuration. with bore & stroke of 88. 1967 Firebird Engine Codes (1967 Pontiac Service Manual) 1968 Firebird Engine Codes (1968 Pontiac Service Manual) 1969 Firebird Engine Codes (1969 Pontiac Service Manual) Late in 1977 Pontiac produce 400 blocks with only 3 motor mount holes. This premium product is the best way to go for those looking for the highest quality replacement that offers supreme Mar 27, 2012 · In 1972 4bbl Pontiac engines got steel gears. 2010 Chevy Malibu engine code B, 2. 4 Jul 2019 This connector is unique and applies to Pontiac, Chevrolet, GMC, diagnostic mode and will flash the “check engine Light” several times and  Where to find the engine code, chassis number or paint code on a VW. The auto repair labor rates vary by location, your vehicle's make and model, and even your engine type. GM FoMoCo MOPAR Gaskets Pontiac 400 428 455 Engine Codes; Jul 28, 2020 · Description, Diagnostic and Repair Information for Pontiac OBD2-OBDII Engine Codes | Page 1 | AutoCodes. A list of block casting numbers is located < click here > All engine blocks have a casting code. Tools Needed to Diagnose: FIXD; How To Diagnose And Repair Code P0133? Difficulty of Diagnosis and Repair (1 out of 5) Check to see if there are any other codes along with P0133 and clear your Check Engine Light with FIXD. 2 = Firebird 3rd digit is the model/engine number. To find your Pontiac Pontiac Engine from a RECYCLER NEAR YOU, just enter the YEAR of your vehicle and your ZIP code in the above form and press the "FIND" button. Just keep hitting "Find next"  Where are all the codes On the Pontiac 400 or 455, you can look on the passenger side of the engine block, just below the heads for the engine code. (159=1959 Pontiac). Pontiac Engine Codes Code Car Year CID HP Trans RPO VIN Carb Block Cast Main Notes 01A B-body 62 389 215 3-speed 1x2 538181 2 01A B-body 63 389 215 3-speed 1x2 543680 Horsepower: Cubic Inches: Trans: Code: Compression: Cam: Heads: Carb: Year: 215: 389: M: 02B: 8. Whatever the case, you need to examine the front passenger side of the motor. I have the codes for Pontiac motors,I buy and sell restoration parts specialising in Pontiac& chevy. . 6 litre capacity. 25 m. Sep 23, 2006 · 1970 Engine Codes Code: Application: Displacement: Compression: Horsepower: Transmission: Heads: Camshaft: Carb: W7 : 350: 8. Once you locate the casting code, you can find your  10 Jun 2020 The Engine codes will be found on the front of passengers side of the block, below the head. Engine Displacement Identification: Dual Pattern Hydraulic Lifter Cams; Brand Model AID AED ID050 ED050 IL1. 62:1 compression ratio. (2=Pontiac  Pontiac parts used on complete engine rebuild. Only Feb 26, 2006 · To identify a pontiac engine: 1. plus there was the 2. It is part of Pontiac's 223 family of cars. 75" stroke. For 1981 model year vehicles, the engine codes are the 8th digit of the VIN. Be sure to double check the codes. 5 EL1. Engine Reduced Engine Power light and trouble codes P1125 and P2138 3 Answers. Restore its vitality and keep it going for many more miles by installing a new Pontiac Grand Prix engine from AutoZone. It was developed to make the Firebird competitive in Sports Car Club of America Today’s Top Rated Products. The Pontiac 389 engine was produced from 1959 to 1966, and has a 4. Pontiac GTO, Pontiac Lemans, Pontiac Tempest, The best source for GTO books, GTO parts, GTO pictures Engine Codes. Some Vehicle Specific Codes. Find the best deals for used pontiac 421 engine. Pontiac 400: WZ (manual), YT (automatic). Loading 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix Base Additional Info: 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix SJ 428 I bought this car about a year ago from a family that the father had passed away. 1964 - 1979 pontiac engine codes bold type is for manual transmissionstarting in '73,2nd hp # is for dual exhaust 1964 326 250 hp 92x,96-0 326 280 hp 94x,97-0 389 230 hp 04l,05l,08r,09r 389 235 hp 22b 389 267 hp 389 283 hp 10a 389 303 hp 25k,26k,27p,28p 389 306 23b,29n 389 325 78x,79j 389 330 32b,34n,33-6 389 348 76x,77j 421 320 35b,38s,43n 421 350 44b,47s,49n 1965 326 250 wp,zn 326 285 wr,yp 1966 - 1970 Correct Pontiac Metallic Blue Engine Paint New correct high temperature engine paint for your bird. Featuring a Pontiac 400 cubic inch block stroked to 455 cubic inches, this authentic Pontiac stroker is perfect for street and strip use. Block Casting Codes. It has codes p0016, p0341, p0366, p1516,and p2101. It was also the first year Pontiac used side engine mounts. (What you see below is a previous search for a Pontiac Pontiac Engine and does not include all the Engines in YOUR area. 2m m. Missing Entry: 1985-1988 Pontiac Fieros have a 9 engine code for the 2. 0L With Chevy Small Block Engine 1980, Stainless Steel Engine Bolt Kit by Big End Performance®. Pontiac engine development history By the 1950s, Pontiac had secured itself a stodgy image, and "performance" hardly entered the buying decision for the  Repair Information for P0008 Pontiac code. TBI upgrades are available. Engine Description, Std. The 400-455 is pump gas friendly for the mild daily driver. Date Codes: J23= October 2,1963 D083= April 8, 1973 (or 1963 !!) The letter is the month, followed by the day (one or 2 digits) and the last number is the year. I would buy a 59 389 if I ran across one. Upon review, I was told that there was a problem with the "flow" of fluid 2786 Hwy 43 North Lawrenceburg, TN 38464 PHONE: (931) 762-4596 24 HOUR-FAX: (931) 829 - 4627 TOLL FREE ORDER LINE: (866) 762-7527 How to read the codes. Nov 13, 2017 · In this week’s Mailbag, we’re recommending a parts combo to get 400+ horsepower from a Pontiac 400 engine in a 1968 Firebird. Pontiac 1972 1st digit - Make. DC = date code. Nov 12, 2014 · It is an interesting engine/body combination, but it is definitely not original. 1 SFI Pontiac’s final Ram Air engine was the Ram Air V. Bank 1 is the side of the  These letter codes tell you the intended application of the engine. 1964, 326, 280 HP, 94x,970. P. 1968 Engine VIN Codes Decodes engine codes used in Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN's) for cars starting around 1953. Next, block casting number, rear of block "below" the passenger side head - 481988 in this case. DCI 400-455 is DCI’s most popular crate engine. A 350 chevy will make more HP cheaper. Despite being out of production for over 30 years, the aftermarket continues to provide strong support for the Pontiac V-8, and there are numerous sources of detailed information on the Dec 31, 2013 · Engine Identification. Often it isn't visible at first glance either because it can be hidden by rust, paint or the air conditioning compressor support. 4l engine. The 400 and 454 sell pretty fast. It was actually the 400 428 455 engine ID. Ok, this is'nt easy, but check out the number of drilled motor mount holes on the block. The 2008 Pontiac G6 has 34 NHTSA complaints for the engine at 91,299 miles average. THE BLOCK . 389 215 3-speed. 2L9100001) Aug 16, 2016 · Cost of diagnosing the P0451 PONTIAC code Labor: 1. Pontiac Grand Prix Engine Supercharged and nimble, your Grand Prix is a fast, fun and stylish car you love to drive. In 1959-60, as each engine was completed at the Pontiac assembly plant, a 1 or 2 character code was stamped on the block to identify the application for the engine. Apr 12, 2017 · W----This code identifies your body series (W=Trans Am). Engine blocks are not guaranteed, but we will take them back within two weeks of the delivery date if there is a problem or they are no longer desired. Code po402 Posted by Craig on Oct 15, 2012. Pontiac Engine Decoder YEAR CODE C/I HP TRAN CARB CAR MISC 1962 13B 421 3 M 2 X 4 FULL SUPER DUTY 1962 13U 421 4 M 2 X 4 FULL SUPER DUTY The date code, L017, breaks down as follows: December 01, 1967. 5 litre Opel that was also fitted in Chevrolets of 2473 c. Jan 02, 2010 · Pontiac – Cylinder Head Identification. A new 455 engine was added as well as the rare Vacuum Operated Exhaust option. 4 L) in for testing against the 269 engine. PONTIAC ENGINE TECHNICAL INFORMATION: True Pontiac engines were made by the Pontiac Motor Division. Find the best oil and filter for your 2005 PONTIAC MONTANA SV6 (3. Block Cast. Identify a PONTIAC engine block is very simple, the code is entered, or rather "hit" on the front right of the cylinder block (when you're driving), close to the plane of the cylinder head gasket. 25 350 400 Ram Air III 3Spd Manual WS 10. 0 The cost to diagnose the P0496 PONTIAC code is 1. (2=Pontiac, 2=Model Year, P=Pontiac Assembly Plant, 100001=Last six numbers of the car VIN) If you know the code number, try my new Engine search. pontiac engine codes

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